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Welcome to my web site. This page provides an english summary of the other pages.

What is sophro-analysis?

Sophro-analysis is a mind-body therapy that uses your cognitive, your corporal and your emotional abilities. It blends psychotherapy from various trends including Transactional Analysis, NLP and Gestalt, together with oriental meditation, breathing and relaxation practices.
Sophro-analysis starts a process that helps to soothe painful emotional memories, disable our limiting beliefs, gradually reintegrate parts of ourselves that we could have denied and realign ourselves with our real inner self.
The duration of the therapy is a few months.
In my practice: benevolence, non-judgment, mutual respect and confidentiality are the rule.

When is sophro-analysis useful?

Sophro-analysis will help you if:

  • you are going through difficult times: taking exams, mid-life crisis, birth, separation, mourning, …
  • you feel depressed;
  • you experience excessive stress; you are going through a burnout;
  • you feel that difficulties or failures repeat;
  • you have a desire for change;
  • you feel the need to learn to relax;
  • you aspire to be better aligned with your inner self.

What is Sophrology?

Sophrology is a method of personal development designed to reduce stress and promote mental and physical well-being. It involves easy-to-do physical movements and mental visualisations that, when practised regularly, lead to a healthy, relaxed body and a calm, alert mind. .

The word Sophrology comes from ancient Greek:

  • SOS = serenity, harmony
  • PHREN = spirit, consciousness
  • LOGOS = science, study

Hence sophrology can be described as the study of  harmony within the consciousness. Difficult life situations can bring us into a state of unrest and disharmony. Sophrology’s goal is to bring us back closer to a state of healthy balance in both the body and the mind.

Who am I?

I hold a PhD in computer Science and I have been working as a Professor. I developed interest in counseling students. I felt the need to go further and trained in various currents of psychotherapy and in particular:

I am a member of Chambre Syndicale de la Sophrologie.
My practice is supervised.

Practical information:

The therapy is organized in weekly sessions (an « every other week » basis may be considered after a few sessions).
Any meeting not canceled 48 hours in advance is due.
Length of sessions: 1 hour (account for 1 hour 15).
Hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 20h. Saturday morning 8 am to 12:30 pm.
Session rate: 85 euros.
Student / unemployed rate: 70 euros.
In case of financial difficulties, arrangements may be looked for.

Feel free to call me for more information about sophro-analysis, how the sessions are conducted, …
Upon request, I also organize relaxation sessions for groups of 3 to 12 people.

The sessions take place in the 13th district, between Parc Montsouris and Butte-aux-Cailles:
94, rue Brillat-Savarin 75013 Paris
Click here to locate the place on a map.
Bus: 21, 62, 67
Metro: Glacière (line 6), Cité Universitaire (RER B)
Tram: T3, Charletty Stadium
Public Parking: 10, rue Wurtz, Paris 13.
Mail : contact AT isabelledemeure.fr